Lady Fit by ValTol



All too often as women we lose who we are or once were.  Balancing motherhood, careers and relationships are a challenge for many.  As mothers we never get a complete day off but it is the most rewarding job ever! I have found a regimen that has helped me and hundreds of women across the world take care of themselves creating the body they love without having to sacrifice everything else!  Let me help you create the body you love, regain your confidence and get fit and healthy all while being the best version of you!

Join Val’s Ladyfit Challenge

I will provide:
  • Accountability § assistance with lifestyle changes
  • 24/7 support via e-mail or text
  • Access to an online community support group
  • Weekly check-in progress update
  • Weekly recipes
  • Weekly workout routine
  • Approved grocery list
  • Approved snack list
  • Approved meal plan outline